B2B Storytelling

At the start of 2023, I made a commitment to write more. Little did I know that my work would shift and give me the opportunity to do exactly that! Short or long, repurposed or fresh, there's plenty to write when you are the voice of a brand.
I'll avoid the 'make it pop' cliché, but let's agree it exists for a reason. We're visual creatures and eye-catching design is more likely to get that coveted click. My work has shifted to writing-centric, so scroll down to see the visual work I've done.

Digital Marketing

Social Media, Website, and Blog
Explaining the need for social media in a corporate setting is unnecessary. We're all using it and we can't get away from it. What I will talk about is drafting image carousels that are cohesive, legible, and vibrant. That's what I do. 

Collaborating on content to shake out into a series of images is where I excel. High-level content requires rounds of careful drafting and the completed look and feel should reflect the effort put in by the team of writers. 

And when needed - I craft content from the ground to connect a company to its audience and help sway their buying decisions. My work covers B2B and B2C. My goal is to keep it short, engaging, and true to the company's voice.

The two samples below show a recurring post featuring new products as they come to market. The second is a carousel of images detailing a complex story crafted by a team of thought leaders in the waste diversion industry. Eco-Products worked with A1 Organics to help educate the public on why keeping contamination out of the waste stream is important for their business. This was one of three carousels drafted on this topic that complimented a series of videos as well. 
Social Media carousel for Eco-ProductsSocial Media carousel for Eco-Products

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are the foundation of the Eco-Products marketing strategy. Tools were generated based on customer request, industry research, and thru collaboration with the internal sales team. Foodservice distribution companies use sell sheets and custom stock guides to show customers their breadth of offering as well as allow the manufacturer a chance to communicate benefits that distribution might not include in their materials. 

Examples below are as follows - Full line product catalog showcasing lifestyle photography, inner catalog pages with extensive information charts and product collection. The catalog samples are followed by customer specific sell sheets that target large leverage operators.
Sell Sheet Lifestyle PhotographsCatalog Design for foodservice containersSell Sheet Design for foodservice containersSell Sheet layout design
Jessica Craig is a belly to baby (maternity, birth, newborn) and family photographer based in Northern Colorado. She provide families with beautiful maternity photography, birth photography, and newborn lifestyle photography.

She love to create images that authentically capture the adventure of motherhood in all of its beauty and disorder. Her style that has a balance of mood and natural light that echoes the mess and the bliss of motherhood.

In order to provide the best service possible, Jessica contracted me to help build a pair of guides to educate clients on styling and best practices to prepare their children to have the best photoshoot possible.
Jessica Craig Photography
Jessica Craig PDF doc layoutsJessica Craig PDF doc layouts
Boulder Engineering Studio is a bespoke engineering design firm based in Boulder, Colorado. They provide a wide range of design and product development for clients by having a multi-disciplinary staff who can design, build, and market products. 

Their breadth of capabilities and technical content required careful writing to ensure their work is presented accurately and does not encroach the many non-disclosure agreements required by their clients. We collaborated on web content which was converted to a one page sell sheet PDF that was emailed as part of introduction marketing campaigns.
Boulder Engineering Studio
Marketing Materials
Sell Sheet Design for Boulder Engineering Studio
Cusa Tea is a startup in Boulder,Colorado who specializes in organic instant tea and coffee products. On top of the packaging design, they needed marketing materials for email campaigns, social media, and trade shows. Sheets were vibrant and eye catching but contained necessary information for B2B clients such as grocers and foodservice distribution. 

Below is their one page sell sheet focused on their line of non-herbal teas one one side and herbal tea and company info on the other.
Cusa Tea and Coffee
Marketing Materials/Tradeshow

Sell Sheet (pdf)
Sell Sheet Design for Cusa Tea
Atrium Packaging is a packaging company whose primary focus is the school meal system and packaged hot and cold food for delis and grocery. Their branding was simple no bright, and I used the opportunity to make a simple layout with Adobe InDesign. Layout left open space and remained simplified and was modified in Adobe Acrobat to be editable for the sales staff. SKU entries could be deleted, or information could be changed easily. This means the sales rep could edit on the fly and not need to wait for edits from marketing or contract designers.
Atrium Packaging
Catalog Designer
Catalog Pages for AtriumCatalog Pages for Atrium